The Ultimate I Want It All!!

The Ultimate I Want It All!!

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This package is for the Ultimate Party! With this package you get 1 each of all 14 games!!!

Giant Connect Four - 6+
Players take turns dropping large chips in the slots. The object of the game is to get four of your color chips in a row. This can be either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. The first player to get four in a row wins. The Giant Connect Four Game has a slide out bottom board for easy removal of chips to restart the game. The game is 3 ft. 6 in. wide and stands 4 ft. tall and comes with 36 chips.
55 Blocks of Fun~ Jenga Inspired Game - 7+
This game is played by removing one block from any level (except the one beneath the incomplete top level) of the tower, and placing it on the top level. Only one hand can be used. Blocks may be bumped to find a loose block that will not disturb the rest of the tower. Any block that is moved out of place must be returned to its original location before removing another block. The turn ends when the next person to move touches the tower. The games ends when the tower falls in any direction. The winner is the last person to successfully remove and place a block. This game should be played standing and all children should be supervised by an adult when playing. 55 Blocks of Fun is complete with 55 building blocks made of 2x4's with a carry case/play table.

Giant Peg Game - 7+
The game board is a triangle with 15 holes in the same shape as bowling pins, except with an extra row. The game starts with pegs in all the holes except one; the goal is to jump pegs one at a time, removing the jumped peg until only one peg remains.
Yardzee - 7+
Each Set comes with: Galvanized bucket with Permanent black vinyl letters 5 giant dice 2 Dry erase score cards 2 Dry erase markers Perfect for a game of Yardzee!! 
Kids Corn Hole - 2+
This is a set of 2 mini kid size boards with 8 small bags. The boards are 6" tall 16" wide and 23" long.

Giant Plinko - Age 4+
Stands 4 feet tall and is 2 feet wide with 6 slots on the bottom. It comes with 3 red chips and 3 blue chips and 6 wooden chips. You can make this game into so many different versions to fit your occasion. The younger kids enjoy seeing the chips fall down to the bottom and the older kids like having the numbers match a prize or activity.

Ring Toss - Ages 2+
Game comes with 4  towers and 8 (2 each of 4 colors) rings. Game can be played by matching ring color with tower color or most points. Point values are on each tower.

Lawn Pool - 12+
 It's 8'4" wide and 12' long with a full set of #3 balls. This needs to be set up on flat level surface. Comes with everything in picture...billiard lawn table, pool ball rack, set of giant balls. Be The Giant Pool Shark!!

Corn Hole - 7+
This is a set of 2 regulation size boards with 8 bags. The sides and legs are made from 1x4's with the top made of cabinet grade Plywood for a nice sturdy game. 

VolleyPong - 21+
Our Giant VolleyPong is a set of 12 Giant 20 Gallon cups that stand 2 feet tall and comes with 2 volleyballs. Adult Drinking Games made Giant! Please drink responsibly when playing this awesome game. We are not liable for your actions while playing this game.

U/I/We Drink - 21+
U Drink, I Drink, We Drink Washer Toss Game is a 2 foot X 2 Foot board. The Holes are 4 inches in diameter. The game board comes painted white with all decals shown in vinyl. Please drink responsibly when playing this awesome game. We are not liable for your actions while playing this game. 

Giant Plunk - 7+
This super fun 1980's game will not disappoint! Our Giant Plunk game stands over 4 feet tall with a wooden base. It is lightweight with multi-color balls and wood dowel rods to complete the game. 

Giant Domino Set - 7+
28 Giant dominoes measuring 3.5 in. X 7 in. made with pine. Each corner is rounded and then sanded smooth. The holes are hand drilled and painted. Also comes with Box for storage.

Giant LCR - 7+
Large LCR Game with 3 dice and 12 Chips.
Can also be played with money instead of chips

How to Play the Left Right Center Dice Game

Step 1
Sit in a circular formation, ideally on a table or an open area. Keep ample space in the center; this area would be utilized as a pot to place chips.

Step 2
Distribute 3 chips to every player. To decide the opening player, all players can roll the three dice. The player to have most dots starts the game.

Step 3
The first player must roll the dice to begin playing.

Step 4
There could be four probable outcomes after the dice has been rolled. The dice could either show an L, C, R, or dots.

If any of the dice turns up to be an L, the player gives a chip to the player on the left. If any of the dice turns out to be a C, place one chip in the pot (in the center). Finally, if a dice turns out to be R, give a chip to the player on your right.

Step 5
In case you get one or multiple dots, those many chips stay with you. For instance, if you get an L, an R, and a dot, you give one chip each to the players on the left and right, and one chips stays with you.

Step 6
Roll only those many dice that correspond with the number of chips you have. If you have one chip, roll one, and so on.

Step 7
The best part is that even if you lose all your chips, you don't lose the game. There is a very high chance that a player besides you might give you a chip on his/her respective turn. However, you don't get to roll the die unless you have chips.

Step 8
The game continues till one player dominates and acquires all the chips. This player is the winner, and he/she also gets all the chips from the pot.

If you're playing with money, try not to lose too much. You can ideally play with lesser denominations. Roll the dice and enjoy!

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