We offer delivery/ pick-up of the rental of multiple items.

The price include delivery and Pick up Service of the items, but does not include set up or tear down.
Set up and tear down can be added during the reservation process.

Millage is based on Zip Code 44515

0-2 Miles = FREE with a minimum order of $50.00

Delivery Fee Calculated at Check Out
Minimum order amounts are as follows:

3-20 miles a minimum order of $ 50.00
21-40 miles a minimum order of $100.00
41-50 miles a minimum order of $150.00
51-60 miles a minimum order of $175.00
61-70 miles a minimum order of $200.00
71-75 miles a minimum order of $250.00

over 75 miles please contact for quote and availability.

Please keep in mind that due to your distance from us your delivery may be as early as 4 hour prior to your event and pick up may be up to 2 hours after your event. Delivery and pick up times will be confirmed with you 2 days prior to your event.

***Delivery of events requiring delivery and pickup on separate days are subject to an additional fuel charge for distances over 25 miles from our store***

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